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Top 10 Affordable Home Improvement Fixes

Looking for ways to spice up and increase the value of your home without going financially crippled? Whether you want to sell your home or simply want to make its overall appearance even better, we have come up with easy and unique ideas to make your home a better place to live in while increasing its value at the same time. 

Most of the time, the actual cost as well as payback for each home improvement or upgrade can vary, depending on the condition of your home and the overall market values of real estate in your country’s region.  

In this article, you will learn some easy and cheap fixes to increase the value of your home while making it even more attractive at the same time. 

1. Make Sure Your Kitchen is clean and Well-Maintained 

The kitchen is still referred to as the heart of any home. Potential real estate buyers make a beeline for the kitchen when they first check a house for sale. Therefore, you should make sure that your kitchen is reasonably updated, well-maintained and completely clean – you want to live a great first impression after all. 

Do not hesitate to spend at least a few hundred dollars to replace the faucet set in your kitchen, add new door handles for your kitchen cabinet, or update old lighting stuffs with more energy efficient and brighter ones. 

If you have a slightly larger budget for your kitchen improvement, you can also give your cabinets a makeover. Rather than buying a whole new cabinet set, which is very expensive, you can just simply upgrade your old cabinets. 

2. Give Your Appliances Necessary Makeover 

If the appliances in your kitchen do not match, you can order new face panels or doors for them. According to real estate experts, a kitchen that is more cohesive looking can make a big difference in the mind of the buyer, not to mention it plays a big role in increasing the overall price value of your home. 

3. Give Your Bath a New Look 

Aside from the kitchen, bathrooms are usually the next one to be upgraded in order for your home’s value to increase. Bathrooms can also be improved without having to spend too much money. Even a few simple things like a pedestal sink or a new toilet seat are pretty easy for every homeowner to install, and they can make a really big difference in the overall appearance of your bath. 

4. Upgrade Your Storage Areas 

Oftentimes, old houses are notorious for lacking closet spaces. Home improvement experts suggest that if you have little storage areas, you can add laminate and wire closet systems to pantries, entry closets and bedrooms. There are a lot of firms that allow you to redesign your closets using the internet. You can also be able to get the details of your designs as well as part of these closet systems at most home improvement shops in your area. Most closets can be upgraded with just a minimal cost, time and effort. 

In the end, you can be able to have more functional closets while you are living in the house and it will also make your house look more customized to potential home buyers whenever you are ready to sell it. 

5. Mind the Mechanics 

According to experts in home improvement and remodeling, it is always very important to hire a plumber or an electrician for an hour or two to look over your electrical system, fix or wrap loose wires, repair any faulty outlets, as well as check for and/or fix water leaks. Those simple details can impress the potential buyer, knowing that you have really taken good care of your house and it can greatly influence the overall value of your home as well. 

6. Look Underfoot 

Utilizing carpet flooring is also a good detail that can instantly increase the value of your home make your house look cleaner and organized as well. If you already have a carpet in your home, you can have it deep cleaned by a professional carpet company to keep your rugs in good condition. 

If your carpet flooring is already showing serious wear and tear, you can simply cover it with affordable strategically placed area rugs. Except it’s truly hideous, many real estate brokers do not suggest replacing carpeting that is wall to wall right before you want to sell the house since new homeowners might want to select their own preferred carpeting design or material right after they move in.  

Once you have upgraded your home and are ready to sell, you can consult your real estate broker and hire the professional service of a real estate lawyer so you know all the basics as well as legal issues when it comes to selling your residential property. 

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Helpful Tips to Increase the Value of Your Home

Increasing your home’s value is a lot easier than you think. If you carefully follow these tips, your home will have increased worth before you know it. 

Come Up with a Great Remodeling Plan 

Whether you just bought a new home or you’ve lived there for quite a while, the fastest and easiest way to increase the value of your home is by making a great plan. Certainly, you will better increase your home’s worth if upgrades are intentionally made and not by impulse. Home improvement projects usually cost around twenty to twenty five cents on the dollar. Furthermore, the other seventy five to eighty cents spent go back directly into the house through increased value. The most important rule in increasing the value of your home through making a great plan is that you should start slowly. It is not a sprint, but a marathon. If you have a newly purchased home, get to know it a lot better. If you’ve already been there for quite a while, then you may get started. You can list the updates you’d like to make as well as things that you want to change. Do not worry about organization yet, just start by writing it all down. In addition, make an assumption on how long you might want to stay in the house. If you are planning on selling your house, talk to your realtor in order to make an effective selling plan, or you can hire a real estate attorney for legal purposes. 

After coming up with a list, categorize everything according to its cost, including how much money, time, and effort you will have to invest. It is important to be realistic enough – it is totally fine to write down a pool outside your home with a waterfall; however, you should also keep your financial aspects in mind. 

After building a list and categorizing it, select the things that you should prioritize – these things are a real must have and more of a dream. You can also start with the things that you can easily afford as long as it can upgrade or remodel your house, giving it a much better appearance than before. 

Once you have created a plan, do some research or speak with your realtor in order to see what kind of return those home improvements may give you. Some home improvements will add considerably more worth to your house than others. 

Try to Tackle One Room at a Time 

The question is how can you make use of the energy that comes from your new and unique ideas while still being smart when you build those home improvements? Always remember to make the commitment in tackling one room at a time. No matter what home improvement you want to make, may it be as complicated as knowing down a wall or as simple as paint coating, tackling one room or area of your house at a time can definitely help you keep your home improvement projects achievable. 

You can also make a list of all certain things that you dream to do. After that, break your categories based on its price and list down how much time each home improvement project might take. This step can actually help you get much better results in the long run. If you only have one day in a week, you can choose a home project that can fit within your time frame, financial commitment, as well as comfort level. 

If you plan to paint the wall in your living room on a Saturday and you exactly know how much it will cost in terms of money and time, it definitely gets done fast and easy. In no time, you will certainly achieve a stylish and well planned upgrade that will totally add up to your home’s overall value. By strategizing effectively, you will surely see your dreams in a clear picture as you improve each room before you move on to the next. 

Remember How Small Improvements Can Help 

Are you torn between improving the decor of your home, versus making upgrade projects you know will increase the resale value of your home? A lot of homeowners are actually surprised to hear that doing both can pay off. 

If you have already spent too much on making home upgrades with a goal of improving your home’s value, you can at least make small changes the next month, or the next time you are ready to buy something for your home again. You can simply upgrade some of your electric plugs or purchase a new lamp.   

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